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Booking a Session...

Life goes by in a blink on an eye, doesn’t it? One day, a child is born and the next they are off to college. Portraits are a great way to preserve a lasting memory for yourself and family, and to help our minds remember things our heart can never forget. As a photographer, I strive to make the process of capturing these moments as stress-free and easy as possible. If you have an idea or are unsure of what you want, let's discuss it before making a commitment. I highly suggest starting with a complementary consultation to get things started!

Step 1: The Consultation

We discuss what your goals are for the shoot to make your unique story right, even before I click the shutter. We will discuss the style of photography you like, help you choose location, the time of day - and much more! Generally consultations take 15-30 min and are done over the phone. When you are ready to move forward, you will pay a session fee and book a time and place for your portrait shoot. Sessions fees are 100% refundable with 24 hours notice. More detail about this as well as pricing can be found on the FAQ page.

Step 2: The Session

We’ve talked about the details beforehand, so relax and enjoy the experience! A private family session can take up to 60 minutes, and will comprise of 6 or more poses. The first 15 minutes of the shoot I generally like to use as an "ice breaker" and calm any nerves by getting to know you, your children or spouse a little more before the photo shoot begins.

Step 3: Proofing and Ordering

A few days after your photo session, your photos will be ready to review via your gallery. If needed, I can be available to help you narrow down the images and make any final touch-ups before placing your order.

Step 4: The Delivery

When your online order is placed, your digital images are ready for download and can be shared instantly! If you are looking to print, I suggest sites such as, or

Step 5: The Praise!

When your portraits arrive and are displayed around your home, your self-esteem of those included in the pictures will only improve. You’ll WOW all your guests by showing how proud you are of your family!

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