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My name is Erik Rank, I am an Atlanta based headshot, portrait and sports photographer. Located in Woodstock, GA, my passion for photography centers around capturing sports as its happens as well as memorable moments for families, individuals, couples, children, Seniors and much more. 

As a professional photographer, I don't expect perfection or stiff poses, I expect real life and in-between moments. My style is carefree and laid back. Please feel free to call, text or visit my contact page to inquire about booking an event or session.

Journeys end in lover's meeting, and there is no accidental meeting between souls. There are few occasions in life more powerful than the commitment to your partner, and this commitment is worth capturing.

Georgia has an outstanding reputation for its unwavering commitment to sports and athletics. That said, there are few Atlanta Sports Photographers who seek to capture those “one in a million” moments that speak to an athlete’s ability and passion simultaneously. I am passionate about creating a visual highlight of incredible sports photos to help Atlanta’s finest athletes shine!

Day to day, our lives seem to be the same, never changing, but one day you'll look around and it will have all changed in what seems like a blink of an eye. Family has a very deep, complex connection that's constantly evolving daily. As a family photographer exclusively committed to capturing these precious moments for Atlanta-based families, I seek to create a living memory that stands the test of time


There is no gift more precious than that of a child. I find children incredibly easy to photograph for their unfiltered emotion and zest for life. They grow up so fast — as time goes on, you’ll miss these times and every parent always tells me, “I wish I would have taken more photos”.

What you think of yourself is so much more important than what others think of you. Your body has been through it all, with you. Love it for everything it is! This experience is one to evoke empowerment and awaken the self-love within. Let’s embrace YOU.


Senior pictures and portraits are a major milestone within one’s young educational career. This is a precious and exciting time for both students and families. Senior photos in Atlanta have become an integral part of the graduation process, showcasing the cultivation of 4 years of unwavering dedication. It’s my greatest pleasure to provide Atlanta with genuine senior pictures to last a lifetime.

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